Bronze worm gear


A bronze worm gear is a mechanical arrangement consisting of a spiral-threaded shaft butted against a toothed wheel, resembling a standard spur gear. The threaded shaft, also known as a worm, acts as the driving element, imparting motion to the wheel as the rotational power from the worm is transferred in a 90o plane.

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Bronze Worm Gear Casting

Bronze worm gear material is bronze,Bronze is one of the most commonly used alloys for worm gears due to the material’s desirable mechanical properties. The term “bronze” covers many copper alloys, though the final product ultimately depends on the other material contained within the alloy. For example, using nickel creates copper-nickel alloys, or using zinc creates brass. Bronze, on the other hand, is most often created by creating a copper alloy with tin or aluminum.

The process of making bronze involves first heating the copper element to a specified temperature. 

Applications of Bronze Worm Gears

Bronze worm gears are used in many applications where low speed and a relatively large amplification of power is required. They appear in simple, everyday home devices as well as heavy machinery. Bronze worm gears have many advantages over other transmission methods—especially for applications that require speed reduction.


Bronze Worm gears are standard to use in applications that require fast braking or stopping, such as an elevator.


 Conveyors are used extensively in industrial applications to move products from one place to another. 

Tuning Instruments

One of the most common uses of a worm gear is the tuning mechanism found on stringed instruments such as guitars, banjos, and violins. 

Automatic Security Gates

Security gates typically use two separate bronze worm drives to open and close a gate.


Bronze worm gears also have another useful characteristic-they possess a natural self-locking feature by design.The worm can easily turn the gear wheel,but the gear wheel cannot turn the worm,thus preventing reverse movement.


Best Bronze For Worm Gears

Typically, for worm gears, we recommend tin bronze (C91700) and aluminum bronze (C95400 and C95500) due to their relatively high strength, and superior fatigue, friction, and wear resistance. The process of making bronze involves first heating the copper element to a specified temperature.

We provide custom bronze worm gear manufacturing services for numerous applications in almost any industry. Our technical team will work with you to help determine the best alloy for your unique specifications.

Bronze Worm Gear Oil

Many worm gears are made of bronze, a soft “yellow” metal that is sensitive to reactive sulfur. Most EP gear oils contain sulfur as part of the EP packaging, which corrodes gears when activated.

Due to the operating conditions listed, it is important to provide the gear with an oil that adheres to the metal surface (whether the worm is above or below the wheel), providing excellent oil film strength and preventing rough welding to every other action from sliding.

Why Use a Worm Gear Speed Reducer?

Bronze worm gears are commonly used for speed reduction because multiple conventional gear sets are needed to achieve the same effect. Rather than installing more gear sets, worm gears have an increased reduction ratio, which makes them more effective. The ratio increases depending on the number of teeth on the worm gear and how many threads are included on the pinion. Worm gears are also more cost-effective than conventional gears because they have fewer components and a lower risk of mechanical failure.

Bronze Worm Gear Catalog

The high torque output of worm gears makes them suitable for heavily loaded machinery. 

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